Where am I?

Welcome to Borikén!

This is a website dedicated to celebrating Puerto Rican culture and language, and educating those who may not know much about it. It will be specifically geared towards Puerto Rican people who want to become more connected with their culture, country, language, and identity.

Most of this info will come from my own personal experience, and from family and friends who have given the time to tell me about their own experiences.

Of course, non Puerto Rican people are welcome! I love that you're interested in our culture and I hope you have an amazing time learning about it!

Who are you?

You can call me Cotorro! My pronouns are he/they, and el/lo in Spanish.

I am a Puerto Rican person who used to live on the island as a child and does no longer. I'd always felt a bit disconnected with my culture and just recently started trying to learn in these last couple years. If you don't know anything, it's difficult to know where to start. I've been lucky to have a lot of very amazing and patient people in my life helping me learn. The best education is talking to people in your community, but not everyone is so lucky! I want to share all the stuff I've experienced, and the stuff I've learned from them, especially stuff that's difficult or impossible to find online.

This website will also serve as an excuse for me to learn more and make more notes on what I learn.

What will be here?

For now: mainly links and resources for where to learn more. Besides that: mostly music and recipes. We love our music and we love our food. I also want to put up a page on how to play Briscas, along with house rules.

I am Hispanic/Latino, but I'm not Puerto Rican! Is this still going to be helpful to me?

This website is going to be primarily about Puerto Rican culture, and more generally Caribbean culture. BUT I still will be including tons of info that will be useful to latin people in general. I encourage you to look around! I will usually point out when something only applies to Puerto Ricans, or only to the Caribbean.

Now, if you are from Spain or Brazil, I honestly don't know how much of this will apply to you. In Brazil the language is different, and in Spain the culture is different, and I don't know much about either country.

How do I view this site in English/Spanish?

One day I'd like it so that every page, besides the index (that's the page you're on right now!) will have a /es/ (Español) or /en/ (English). I will be adding pages in English first, then eventually adding them in Spanish.